The Intruder Alarm

The Importance of a Good Intruder Alarm

An intruder alarm system also acts as a great burglar deterrent.

The Importance of a Good Intruder Alarm System

Most of us work hard so we can earn the money to enjoy some of life’s luxuries; big televisions and state of the art sound systems, expensive laptops, tablets and desktop computers, nice jewellery – the list is endless! Not to mention the money we spend building our businesses and stocking them with up-to-date tools and computers. You may notice that most of the things I have mentioned aren’t particularly large or heavy items, in fact most of them you could just tuck under your arm and carry away!

So why are we less willing to spend our hard earned money to protect our prize possessions? Not only does a burglar rob you of your possessions, but they also intrude your personal space, taking away the sense of security and comfort that you feel in your own home. Previous posts I have written providing tips on home security always recommend that a good intruder alarm is essential. But why? How effective can an intruder alarm be? And what are the benefits? Well…

  • Deterrence: Unfortunately, or in this case fortunately, thieves are not as stupid as we’d like to think. More often than not a burglar will carefully select which properties they want to target, preying on the most vulnerable. If you are one of the thousands of people who do not have an intruder alarm system installed, then you may fall into that category. An intruder alarm doesn’t have to be triggered to offer protection against intruders, the mere presence of an alarm system could be enough to make a burglar think twice about trying to gain entry to your property.
  • Creating Awareness: If a burglar does chose to ignore the visual warnings that an intruder alarm is present and continues to gain unlawful access to your property, your alarm will trigger a siren. If this still does not deter the intruder you can be confident that it’s unlikely to go unnoticed by a neighbour or a passer by. They will hopefully direct their attention to your property and alert the proper authorities, thus reducing the time the burglar has to be profitable in his venture.
  • Alerting Authorities: Many modern alarms have a function that allows them to be connected to a monitoring service. This means that a response team can be immediately dispatched to your property the moment someone gains illegal entry, this also means that you can be informed any intrusion in your absence.
  • Protecting you while you sleep: Remember, burglars don’t always strike when a property is empty. Burglaries are often reported to have occurred during the night whilst the occupants are sleeping. A good alarm panel will allow you to set and omit separate zones, making it possible to set your alarm active but omit rooms that are in use, such as your bedroom and your route to the bathroom, therefore helping to protect you throughout the night.
  • Additional Options: There are also a number of intruder alarm accessories available for your intruder alarm. A feature that allows you to connect your alarm to a network means that you can control and monitor your device from computer or smart phone. The addition of a panic button gives you the option to trigger your security device manually if you are feeling threatened or suspect that someone is attacking your property.

To Summarise

An intruder alarm can help to keep you, your properties and your possessions safe. Whether it’s acting as a deterrent or alerting attention to an unlawful entry, an intruder alarm should be an essential part of home security.

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